We reached 100 Actions for Peace!

We have finally reached 100 Actions for peace! Have a look at this report to find out more about the actions, where they took place, topics included, duration…

An Adventure in France

100 years ago (June 1921) John Nevin Sayre, a pacifist Anglican priest, wrote the article: "An Adventure in France" in the American religious socialist magazine "The...

SCI friends anniversary zoom-up

Join us on Sat 23 May and Sun 29 May on Zoom for our gathering of volunteers to celebrate our 100th anniversary!

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in 2020 exactly 100 years had passed since first activities of SCI took place. For this anniversary, SCI organized campaigns, reunions, published a book, and much more, all of which you can find on this specially dedicated website. Read more about SCI’s 2020 and take a look at the history timeline of the movement.

100 Actions for Peace

A visibility campaign initiated under the 100 years celebration of Service Civil International (SCI) and International Volunteering Service (IVS). Read more about the campaign or check out the actions.

Words about Deeds

Exploring the historic developments of SCI movement in the past century to reflect, rethink and get inspired for the future, is what we were doing in 2020. “Words about Deeds” came with an incredible collection of stories from veterans and volunteers of SCI, words about deeds indeed.