Wikipedia for peace: climate justice

Action for Peace #57

What happened?

The workcamp “Wikipedia for Peace: Climate Justice” was an online camp, during which the participants got a chance to learn how to write Wikipedia articles and got to know more about inspiring activists and organizations related to climate justice and the fight against the climate crisis.

During the whole week, 16 participants from 9 countries and 3 continents edited Wikipedia to make climate activists, climate organizations and terms related to climate change more visible on the internet. We are excited about the results: More than 40 Wikipedia articles have been written or improved in Armenian, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish and German and many new items around climate justice have been added to Wikidata.

 Apart from editing, the participants also spent the week getting to know each other better and discussing climate justice from a global perspective. In one workshop, they had lively discussions about how the current pandemic is related to the climate crisis and in another workshop, they discussed about classism in the climate movement.


This camp was a collaboration between SCI Switzerland and Wikimedia Switzerland and is a part of the initiative “Wikipedia for Peace”.

Here you can read the articles:




9th – 15th November, 2020




SCI Switzerland