“Peace to me is…”

Action for Peace #38

What happened?

“Peace to me is…”

The online campaign titled “Peace to me is…” was realized by 35 young people from the Western Balkans countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Albania. They gathered in a youth exchange in Tirana to be inspired and practice intercultural learning tools as a way to achieve peace and reconciliation in the region.

Part of the exchange has been diverse understandings and means of peace: check it out what they think and how we can easily touch peace. Those photo messages has been everyday published in social media of PVN, partners around the Balkan and young people  to contribute on the 2 weeks online camping in the Balkan region.   

The young people have expressed their opinions about what peace mean to them, which can be found in the leaflet below. In those days where news and social media are filled with Coronavirus news, we think that is a need for more positivity. We can easier overcome challenges if we feed ourselves with positivity, hope, understanding, solidarity and peace.



March, 2020


Online in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia and Albania


PVN Albania