Exhibition: “100 Years Volunteers for Peace”

Action for Peace #18

What happened?

SCI participated again in the local edition of this 22-year-old national Festival des Solidarités, at the Maison Pour Tous Champfleury, in Avignon, which gathers people to promote solidarity with others and tries to encourage actions for defending human rights. In 2019 children and young people were in the highlight, as it was the 30th anniversary of the International Convention for Children’s Rights.

The Festival took place from 16th till 30th of November. The branch of SCI in France took part in the opening session on 16th with an information stall and a short presentation of SCI to the public. SCI also took part in the closing evening party on 30th with the presentation of the new exhibition “100 years Volunteers”, an information stall and a workshop on voluntary work. Over a hundred people took part in both events.

There was a important coverage by the local media this year and support again from the Town Council of Avignon.

SCI-France used the space at the 22-year-old national Festival des Solidarités, in Avignon to present the work of SCI movement through an information stall, presentations, exchibition and workshop.



30th November, 2020


Avignon, France


SCI France – Local contact in Avignon


    • sci@sci-france.or


Dancing at Festival des Solidarites, 2019
Market with veggetables at Festival des Solidarites, 2019
Poster of Festival des Solidarites, 2019