SCI Reunion

Action for Peace #1

What happened?

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Service Civil International, the Reunion was a big gathering of active and inactive members of SCI.

The aim was to remember the past 1oo years on the one hand and thinking of a new vision for the movement on the other one.

Around 130 people connected to SCI, from all over the world traveled to Belgium in order to share their stories and thoughts. It was a big mix of different generations and nationalities which made it a unique and diverse come together.

The program was as various as the participants themselves, from book presentations about volunteering to a historical  library up to presentation of new projects connected to the 100 years celebration. This and much more was part of the activities.

People got reconnected to the movement and used their experience and knowledge to think about new focus points of SCI and the future of the whole organization.



24th – 26th March, 2019


Merelbeke, Belgium


SCI International Secretary