About 2020

….and why it’s a big thing

what it is

In a nutshell

2020 marks Service Civil International’s 100th anniversary. To celebrate, SCI is organizing workshops, activities, and much more. We are taking a moment as a movement to look back on all the work we’ve already done, and look forward to everything we will do.

100 years SCI logo


…is our nickname for the 100-year celebration of SCI movement and also of the International Voluntary Service movement. By 2020, exactly 100 years have passed since the first voluntary service involving international volunteers was carried out in Verdun, France.
100 years of supporting peace, cultural exchange, rebuilding, rethinking, and so on, working towards a just and peaceful society.
We are proud of what has been accomplished, and while keeping in mind that we’re not done yet, we think we should celebrate everything we as a movement have done.

And that’s exactly what we aim to do through 2020. Celebrating for us means spreading the peace message through actions that will be open for everyone and supporting peace in multiple ways. There are loads of actions under our main project 100 Actions For Peace, addressing and raising awareness on racism, inequality, non-violence, civic engagement and many other topics. If you are interested in joining an Action for Peace, you can take a look at everything that is being organised here.

Of course this 100 years milestone is the perfect occasion to reflect on what is currently happening and to create a new vision of SCI and its understanding of peace. One of the ways that we are doing this to through a new publication that reviews the history of SCI, but this is just one example.
All of our projects will focus on addressing the goals below.

Our 2020-goals


All projects included in the 2020 vision should give people an idea of what the international volunteering service is and how we support a culture of peace.



Create impact

We see the 100 year celebration as a chance to create an impact for peace! An example for this could be the 100 Actions for Peace project.


Increasing numbers of projects and workcamps show that it feels good to support peace. We think everyone can grow from volunteering.


After 100 years existing it’s time to reflect on the past and see where to go in the future. Moving forward has big value for us.