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Action for Peace #100

What Happened:

“100 years of dedication, effort, work of promoting peace and intercultural understanding through practical actions: this is what we want to celebrate and highlight with the event, which marks the 100th Action for Peace, the last one of our campaign for #100yearsofSCI.

During this event we had the opportunity to explore and learn more from past and current SCI activists – the “human books”, looking back upon our 100 years-long history of international voluntary service for peace and looking at current trends and developments.
The event included present and past SCI activists and participants had the chance to listen to the experiences of four different “books”, in a small group, and ask them questions.

 Feedback from books: 

-Enjoyable; a new experience with each group, learning about myself in the process, and getting fresh insights and food for thought every time!

-Good; and depending on the readers, the book can varied its focus, which I did… 4 different presentations to suit the readers.

-it’s funny to keep repeating the same story- and every time you become yourself aware of something new, or a new conclusion.

I think it’s a great way to pass on experiences and knowledge- and get a reflection back from readers,  and as a result think together further.

Feedback from readers: 

-I found it very insightful and really enjoyed hearing from the books of the elders. Really encouraged me to continue my journey with SCI and excited for what the future holds!

it was very nice to meet the books and hear their stories. Brought a lot of inspiration and motivation, and again confirming the feeling of being part of the SCI family. 

-It was an amazingly inspiring experience, every story I’ve listened to was different and made me think a lot about peace, conflict resolution and diversity.

It is excellent, it is priceless when I’m thinking that I could meet people who had experiences double of my age and impossible to meet if it was offline. 

Catalogue of the Books 

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6 November 2021, 11 – 13 CET




International Secretariat SCI