“In (E)motion”: training course 

Action for Peace #73

What happened?

2 training courses on emotional intelligence and nonviolent communication took place in two different weekends: one in Sofia, and the second one in Veliko Tarnovo.

29 young Human Rights Activists and students members of the Veliko Tarnovo City Students Parliament took part in the action. They learnt and discussed how to understand their own emotions better and also went through different activities focused in understanding the feelings of the others and diversity.

Apart from that, there were a few sessions about non-violent communication in which the participants learnt about the basics of non-violent communication and had the opportunity to practice what they learnt. They were also given materials to further learn about the topics that were discussed.

The participants were really active in the discussions and performing the activities. They were asked what an action for peace is for them and created a video to promote the campaign, you can see it here!



20th – 21st February, 2021

27th – 28th February, 2021



Veliko Tarnovo


Infinite Opportunities Association



This action was one of the follow up activities of the Peace in Practice Training Course, implemented by SCI Switzerland, and was funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.