50th Anniversary of Earth Day

Action for Peace #35

What is it about?

SCI Malaysia is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day with two initiatives, in which you are all invited to take part…from home!

A) An Art Competition for children;
B) A collection of photos, drawings or videos to show actions that could be done to be more environmentally friendly. SCI Malaysia will share them on their Facebook page from now until 22 April 2020!

Some examples:

  • 4R activities (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover)
  • Organic garden, little sanctuary for birds, …
  • Make a compost bin, start a small indoor garden, …
  • Water harvesting, solar panel at home
  • Advocating for less meat eating, vegetarian
  • Yoga, meditation
  • Advocating for less single plastic use
  • Advocating for less electricity usage
  • Or simply impress us with your creativity, don’t be shy!

practical information

Suggestion: take a photo of yourself alongside your activity, maybe with an A4 Paper (Optional) with a the slogan “Happy 50th Earth Day” and SCI Logo.

Contact sci_malaysia@yahoo.com for more information.

Date: 22nd of April, 2020

Location: Malaysia, Worldwide online

Implemented by: SCI Malaysia

Website: sci-malaysia.org