Seminars on writing small project proposals

Action for Peace #78

What happened?

VCV Serbia organized two 2-days seminars, one online for 6 participants from Kosovo (members and volunteers of their partner organization GAIA) and one for 9 participants living in Novi Sad (members and volunteers of VCV, CK13, Dom b612 – their local partners).

The seminar focused on how to involve the 3 ethics of Permaculture – People care, earth care, fair share – in the design of activities, how to “read” and understand a call for proposals identifying its most important elements, and how to fill in each part of the project application and the budget.

Participants were given time to work on their personal projects, filling in a mock application form and taking into account the inputs received.

Based on participants feedback, they are now much more aware of the ethical dimensions when applying for funding, their role in shaping project proposals in a way that they contribute to social and environmental justice, and can use tips and tricks to improve not only organizations of events and activities but also budgeting, inclusion and accessibility of their actions.

As one of the participants quotes: “we gained new understanding of project writing and the donor’s perspective. […] I think from now on my project writing will be much better, as I got more insight into different aspects of the project.”




27th – 28th March, 2021

30th – 31st March, 2021


Novi Sad (Serbia) and Online (participants from Kosovo)


VCV Serbia




This action was one of the follow up activities of the Peace in Practice Training Course, implemented by SCI Switzerland, and was funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.