Peace For Inclusion

Action for Peace #94

What happened?


On the occasion of the International Day Of Peace, young PVN activists and participants of the Youth Exchange “Raising our Voices to Overcome Challenges” decided to organise a Peace Walk with the topic “Peace for inclusion” which took place in Durres, Albania. Peace Walk was focused on inclusion of diverse groups such as with Fewer Opportunities and Disabilities, Refugees, Roma and Egyptians, LGBTQ+, and general messages for peace. This activity didn’t contribute only to promote and spread peace to local community, but also to explore, develop, find inner and group peace among the “peace makers”.

A lot of inspiring messages towards an inclusive society that promotes peace and wonderful energy were shared from each person part of this Peace Walk. Some of the shared messages by the youngsters were “There is no Way to peace! Peace is the way”, “Love is Never Wrong”, “The most Powerful Weapon in the World is LOVE”, “It’s a time to focus on Abilities not Disabilities” ect. We are determined to strive together for a more inclusive, democratic and peaceful future for us all.



 21st September 2021




PVN Albania