Action for Peace #98

What happened?

This Training Course for Youth Workers was held from 4-11 October 2021 in Novi Sad, Serbia, and it aim was  enabling youth workers to train their peers, colleagues and young people to become creators and organizers of educational walking tours which aim to explore the different realities of a place and to tell alternative stories about it.

The phases of the project are:

  • The International Training Course where participants learned about the methodology of educational walking tours;
  • A follow-up one-day training which participants to the international training will organize for their peers in their organizations/cities -so that they will learn the basics of this methodology and be able to create their own educational walking tours;
  • Pilot walking tours in each city (preparation, promotion, implementation, evaluation) organized by the international training course participants with the support of the partner organizations;
  • A final e-publication on educational walking tours, created using inputs and tools from the TC as well as from the participants’ direct experiences and the routes they created in their cities.

The main aims of the project, and specifically this training course, are:

  • Support the involved organizations in creating educational walking tours that can introduce resident and visitors to relevant places and issues through first-hand contact and experience, in order to increase their knowledge and understanding of a certain places’ history, culture and current issues;
  • Train participants in becoming multipliers (training others in their communities and organizations) of educational walking tours methodology;
  • Create at least one itinerary of an educational walking route per partner organization;

The project RutAlternativa is co-financed by the Erasmus + programme.





4th – 11th October, 2021


Novi Sad, Serbia


SCI Serbia