change makers

Action for Peace #85

What happened?

Change Makers was an event organised as a follow-up action of the FLOW training by Judit, Dora, Romain and Hasna, volunteers of different SCI branches (International Secretariat, SCI Hellas, SCI Switzerland and VIA Netherlands).

It was based on the Living Library concept, where people got in touch with stories about social and environmental justice, migration, empowerment, and disability. The purpose of this event was to connect on the most basic level, from experience to experience.

Change Makers was spread over 3 days, from the 1st of June until the 3rd of June. Each day there were two sessions of 1 hour each. The changemakers that shared their unique story and answered participants’ questions were:

      • Ana Isabel Fión Ruiz: Food sovereignty in Mesoamerica
      • Ahmed Fares: Silent scream
      • Adama Cherif: In everything there’s a purpose
      • Jonathan Healy: Squatting is a political need
      • Maix: Resistencia mediante el arte
      • Senka Nenadov: Person with physical disability

“It has been a great pleasure for us to plan this event, we learned a lot about organising projects and we are looking forward to organising other projects in the future!!!”



1st – 3rd June, 2021




4 volunteers of different SCI branches (SCI Hellas, Sci Switzerland, VIA Netherlands and International Secretariat)