Autumn festival
Celebrating 100 years of SCI


Action for Peace #21

What is it about?

Over one hundred people connected to SCI or just interested in its work will meet in the center of Germany to look back to the history of 100 years SCI and look forward to the future of our work. We invite people from different generations to come together and share their experiences. We want to discuss old and new challenges of peace work, remember great projects of the past, learn from the elder generation and get inspired for new actions!

What happens?

We will use the whole weekend to have a great time together. We will organize a diverse program with a variety of workshops on different topics that highlight aspects of the SCI and open spaces. You can choose what you prefer. There will also be time for many conversations and walks in the beautiful forests. On Saturday night we will have a party. We will put an eye on activities that fit different needs, so that everyone feels comfortable, also the very young and the older ones. There will be a creativity space, probably some exhibitions and a living library as well as the opportunity to purchase the perpetual calendar “100 years of SCI”. The calendar presents quotes and photos from activists from different generations. The autumn festival is also the opportunity to get to know which projects and topics we deal with, what the working groups do and how you can get active in SCI.

practical information

The event is organized each year by groups of activists from the German branch to come together, learn, share and celebrate. For the 100th anniversary of SCI it will be bigger as the usual annual autumn meetings. Also, the incoming volunteers who do a long-term service in Germany will join. The program will be in German and English.

You will be able to register for the weekend soon on our website ( It will take place in a lovely youth hostel, located in the hills in the middle of Germany. To cover the expenses for food and accommodation, we ask for a financial contribution.

Feel free to join! Please contact us if you have any needs.

Date: 6th to 8th of November 2020

Location: Helmarshausen, Germany

Implementing Branch: SCI Germany