Autumn festival
Celebrating 100 years of SCI


Action for Peace #21

What happened?

The “Herbstfest”  2020  (Autumn Festival) was supposed to be the big birthday party of SCI Germany, but it was cancelled as a physical event and put online and on regional basis. And if the situation allows it again, the 101st birthday will be celebrated together – just as planned!

SCI Germany wanted to use this weekend to bring together people from different generations and areas of SCI.

The event provided a colorful bouquet of activities: Content workshops on burning issues of peace work, insights into the history of SCI, discussions about their profile in the coming years, lively, funny and artistic suggestions and above all, lots of space for exchange between people who are or have been connected to SCI in some way. The community of those who have a connection to SCI should be clearly felt. They were doing thier best to do this well online as well!

More than 50 SCI people were present in different time slots. Through various workshops they were able to gain insights into a wide range of SCI topics: into the method Betzavta, the risk of conspiracy stories, the SCI in the 20s, in the 70s and 80s, SCI and family and a (peace) climate beyond classicism.

In the afternoon active members of the board, local and working groups met for an informative exchange and then you had the opportunity to meet into some “books” of the “Living Library”.

Thereby volunteers of different generations reported on their SCI activities, from work camps to long-term voluntary services, their experience in peace policy education work up to work at the international board level.

The evening party with games, dancing and chatting into the dolls was a great closing for this special autumn festival to celebrate the 100th anniversary of SCI.



7th – 8th November, 2020




SCI Germany