(Refugee Month)

Action for Peace #9

What is it about?

Various events are being organized to celebrate diversity and living together in peace during the third edition of the Refugee Month (November) in Bulgaria. CVS Bulgaria is also part of this with several activities, including Quiz Night.

What are the basic requirements for a GREAT quiz evening?

– To check our curiosity
– To please our competitive souls
– To see how much we know, but
– To still learn something new
– To spend some time with friends
– To work as a team
– To have fun
– To not pay a participation fee

We offer you all of these!

Bring your mobile phones and your open and curious minds! That is all we ask for and all that you will need 🙂

practical information

No participation fee and free entrance. Short on-line registration of the participant teams will be requested in front. The event is opened for everyone. Questions will be in English and will be consisting information about current and historical migration situation worldwide and also volunteering, CVS-Bulgaria and SCI.

We will use interactive on-line platform (Kahoot) for the execution of the questions and answers. Points will be given for correct answers, bonus points will be given based on the quickest answers. Prices for the winners are available – mugs, shopping bags, cinema tickets. The big price for first place will be announced on a latter stage.

Read more about the quiz night here but check also some of the other events happening during the month: a Football Tournament “Student Aid Cup”, a Quiz Night and a Human Library “Make Food Not War”. Follow the rest of the program of the Refugee Month here.

Date: 20th of November, 2019, 19:00-22:00 UTC+02

Location: Travellers club, Sofia, Bulgaria

Implementing Branch: CVS Bulgaria

General info: facebook event