Yoga for inner peace

Action for Peace #48

What happened?

World peace matters. But how can we contribute to world peace without our inner peace? Gönüllü Hizmetler Derneği (GHD) Turkey believes keeping self well-being and inner peace is one of the most important things during these challenging times. That’s why they wanted to organize a virtual yoga workcamp to help volunteers from different countries to keep their inner peace and let the stress out of their body.

There were 3 sessions each week in total duration of 3 weeks, in an online format.

They made the best of the online conditions and it was really beautiful to see how you can connect with the participants only through the internet.

Everyone was so motivated and curious about Yoga, and they were all really aware of the process that they were going through. GHD saw so much progress not only in the way they were practising the postures, but also in their mind-set – they really understood the values of Yoga and were able to connect the things they learned to their lives (e.g. to not become frustrated if something doesn’t work in the first try, to be patient and to accept their own abilities).

They spent many hours per week altogether, being vulnerable, sweating, struggling with both ours bodies’ and minds’ stiffness, being emotional and opening up like we knew each other from before. It felt like a safe place for everyone.



25th May – 15th June, 2020




Gönüllü Hizmetler Derneği (GHD) Turkey



12 people making yoga seperately through zoom, holding one hand up and the other on their heart
Two girls holding a paper with #100ActionsFor Peace