Global Justice starts here 

Action for Peace #23

What happened?

“Global justice starts here” Placement Officers Training 2020 was organized for the SCI Placement Officers in Winterthur, Switzerland, from the 10th till 16th of February 2020.

The participants (both, volunteers who have recently started or will start their projects in the nearest time) from the different branches of the SCI (Belgium, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, France and Austria), as well as the partner organisations (from Russia, Ukraine, Iceland etc.) spent a week in the former scouts` centre Pfadiheim Breite, where the training took place.

On the fourth day, after a presentation about the SCI plans for 2020 together with the “100 Actions for Peace” campaign, participants organized an Action for Peace as part of this campaign. The action took place on the streets of Winterthur in Switzerland.

Participants of the POT had the opportunity to organize an action for peace and be part of  the “100 Action for Peace”. After a long discussion they managed to reach a consensus on what everyone would like to do, which was to give a heart with a written thought on it about the different problematic aspects of love or peace (as it was  Valentine`s day) to the passer-by on the street. The action was quite successful and many participants received a positive feedback from the people they talked to.



14th February, 2020


Winterthur, Switzerland


SCI Switzerland