Workshop to understand the concept of peace

Action for Peace #34

What happened?

In the 2nd of March 2020 PVN Albania organized a Peace informating activity in the High School “Sadik Stavileci”, at Kashar Municipality of Tirana, Albania. Around 30 young people: PVN volunteers and students of Sadik Stavileci High school were part of the workshop, which was organized in an informal learning format, where through various games we stimulated discussions about their opinions on peace.

All together they prepared messages, slogans, and talked with each-other, sharing opinions, arguments for peace, violent and non violent attitudes, positive communication. They also discussed bullying, forms of bullying, the consequences they cause to the bullied individual and in society to bring some change in their thoughts and behaviors, as bullying is a very widespread phenomenon, especially in primary and High Schools.

They did the workshop in a classroom, where they were all sitting in a circle to make students feel more comfortable to express and showing them that they are equal to each other.

They easely noticed on student faces that they were feeling free to express themselves, positive and creative in sharing ideas and opinions for peace during brainstorming and reflections on the group. Students were mixed by several classes, and they were sharing a great harmony with each other.

From that workshop, they understood that we must keep going on other schools and bringing together students of different ages to give an impact of harmony they should have with everything around us that directly affects us, our wellbeing, and indirectly affects society, the society wellbeing.



2nd March, 2020


Tirana, Albania


PVN Albania