Workcamp in Mountain region Krušnohoří

Action for Peace #90

What happened?

This workcamp was organized by NGO Anitkomplex in cooperation with NGO Prisecnice zije – Preßnitz lebt, NGO Naturherberge Hammerwerk and NGO Nadrazi Kovarska. Antikomplex seeks to prevent resurfacing historical traumas, which can be a source of populist manipulation that abuses historical traumas and baptisms to achieve political goals. In their activities, they focus mainly on the coexistence of Czech and German culture in the Czech lands and on critical knowledge and reflection on this coexistence.

The aim of the workcamp was to support local actors in their environmental sustainable activities in the region and thus to strengthen democratic structures and active citizenship on the periphery (with the active participation of workcamp participants). The workcamp took place in the Ore Mountains region at Czech-German borders in different locations of all three hosting NGOs.

In this workcamp participants were actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11) and Partnership for the Goals (UN SDG17).



6th – 19th July, 2021


  • Prisecnice zije – Preßnitz lebt (Vysluni 198, Czech Republic)- 6.-10.7.2021
  • Cottage Krusnohorka (Kovarska, Czech Republic)- 10.-14.7.2021
  • Naturherberge Hammerwerk e. V. (Johstadt, Germany)- 14.-19.7.2021


INEX Association for Voluntary Activities (Czech Republic)