World Oceans Day

Action for Peace #80

What is it about?

8 June is World Oceans Day.

SCI Madrid strongly believes that raising awareness about our planet should be a fundamental goal of society, and that living in a healthy and plastic-free environment contributes to the peace and well-being of the population and the planet we inhabit.

On 12 June, SCI Madrid and its vounteers collaborated with ‘La cara invisible del Planeta’, a Spanish national environmental movement, who organized a massive waste collection in many Spanish regions.

In particular, in Madrid, they established 5 collection points where about 200 volunteers from various organisations participated. The event lasted about 4 hours and SCI Madrid, with its volunteers from the local Ecosfera group, collected waste in the area of San Fernando de Henares-Coslada, in the river Jarama. 

They collected over 2000 kilograms of waste (mostly washcolthes and some plastic), that would have ended up in the ocean otherwise. It was a day where solidarity, volunteering and effort were present! 




12th June, 2021


San Fernando de Henares-Coslada (Spain)


SCI Madrid, in collaboration with La cara invisible del planeta and other organisations.