recreating peace

Action for Peace #82

What happened?

SCI Hellas used to facilitate street theatre activities before the pandemic, as a social inclusion method for migrants and refugees as well as to promote peace values. Due to the lockdown, an online theatre workshop: “Recreating Peace” was organised instead.

19 participants from various cultural backgrounds, levels of knowledge and experience in the field of youth and peace work joined the workshop. First,  they uploaded a photo which expressed their perception of peace on Padlet, and then other participants took some time to “visit” the exhibition and “leave” their comments underneath the photos. The session ended with a discussion on what Peace is and how Peace is related to our everyday life, common goods, feelings and human relationships.  

The second day was about recreating peace using theatrical methods and tools. Participants expressed their perception of peace through verbal and non-verbal communication by creating short scenes. The fact that the group was multicultural contributed greatly to the inspiration and showed the importance of diversity in the process of building a peaceful environment, to developing mutual understanding, tolerance and mutual acceptance. 





24th – 28th March, 2021




SCI Hellas




This action was one of the follow up activities of the Peace in Practice Training Course, implemented by SCI Switzerland, and was funded by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.