practice peace!

Action for Peace #70

What happened?

Practice peace! It starts with you!

Spreading peace is easier than you think! SCI IS & SCI Switzerland hosted an Instagram Live Stream where they showed in small steps how to practice peace oneself.

It had 3 parts:

1. Presentation of the poster that participants created during the PiP Training: “What will I do for peace today?”. Also, they gave ideas about actions leading to peace at the different levels and they asked participants to share their own ideas at a mentimeter word cloud.

2. Non violent communication roleplay: they demonstrated 2 dialogues inspired from their everyday lives and they provided a commentary on the situations from the perspective of NVC.

3. Presentation of the 100 Actions for Peace campaign: with some examples of the actions and some tips about organising an Action for Peace.

It attracted around 25 to 30 viewers and they interacted at least 1 time with 7-10 participants during the event



26th March, 2021




Participants of the Peace in Practice Traning Course implemented by SCI Switzerland

This action was one of the follow up activities of the Peace in Practice Training Course, implemented by SCI Switzerland.