social tea event

Action for Peace #58 

What happened?

Social Tea event was decided to be hold in the format of Afternoon Tea where each guest could enjoy a good company, share his/her own SCI story and enjoy a cup of tea with biscuits. The idea itself came from a long-term volunteers at the SCI Germany office, who adores Chinese tea ceremonies and is passionate to spread this tea unity among other people.

The atmosphere was very smooth and light notwithstanding the hygiene rules and some distancing, participants were aiming at socializing and sharing about themselves. There were three generations with their individual SCI story to  tell,  those who did some volunteering long ago and only now reconnected through SCI Social Tea, or those who are currently active at the organization.

Due to limited number of participants and business of some interested people, only ten people were present at the event. With a small warm-up round ‘What I brought with me’ and self-introduction with associated drawing the meeting started. After a short break the main part with questions began.

The questions were prepared beforehand and were well thought through. It is important to admit that this format of leading a talk with questions was very successful and gave a platform for all the participants to tell their I-story in SCI.

Moreover, with such a short period (120 min) it was also possible to try out one teambuilding energizer which helped to refresh and feel more easy in the group.

Final round was with a small reflection during which the participants shared their thoughts and ideas concerning Social Tea event. This format was new and it is considered to be a positive experience for further implementation in future.



19th August, 2020


SCI Germany Office, in Bonn


SCI Germany