2020 Meeting & Presentation

Action for Peace #46

What happened?

SCI Catalunya prepared an open event to mark the 2020 as the year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the whole  SCI movement. A meeting and a presentation about SCI Catalunya and SCI International was held in the premises of SCI Catalunya with invited volunteers, staff and the public on 31st of January. It was the starting point of a series of events to commemorate and celebrate the SCI movement and its people. SCI volunteers presented the historical context during which they volunteered and the background of Catalunya and Spanish Civil War. During the event a group of 2020 presented their plan for a number of events marking 100th years of SCI. 

The local group of volunteers of SCI Catalunya with a lot of experience in activism and  volunteering in started a team of Presentation 2020 and provided visual materials with the history of SCI and the Catalan historical context during an open event in the SCI premises in Barcelona. Volunteers who have been involved in the movement in more than 20 years gave speeches about their beginnings with SCI and the geopolitical situation in the world during their volunteering activism. This meeting was a great chance to look back and recall memories, reflect on history, and think about the present and the future of SCI and volunteering. The group of volunteers are also recovering SCI History through providing testimonies of their own experience in SCI (activism, workcamps, networks, etc) and, what is very important and unique, they have collected old documents and materials of SCI which, as we hope one day, they will become memorabilia in an SCI museum. 



31st January, 2020


Barcelona, Spain


SCI Catalunya


    • gestio@scicat.org


group of people listenning to a presentation by a woman
group of people listenning to a presentation
group of people listenning to a presentation
group of people posing