‘Inspiration through lenses’

Action for Peace #3

What is it about?

In these times of quarantine, let us give you bites of inspiration! A movie that inspired us to work for peace or a documentary that moved us to be a better person. SCI online Cine Festival ‘Inspiration through lenses’.

Below are some of the documentaries that have been screened so far:

– “Escaping to love and to be”
– “A Route to Connect”
– “Volunteering vs Violence”
– “Living Library”
– “The cloud factory”
– “PATH stories behind borders”
– “Permaculture as a path to peace”


practical information

SCI online Cine Festival ‘Inspiration through lenses’ started on April 24th and since then it is happening every Friday at 18:00h.
The films are broadcasted live on facebook os Service Civil International page.

Read more about the initiative and watch the previous movies here.

When: Every Friday at 18:00h (CET)

Where: Online (at SCI facebook page)

Implemented: IS

Email: communicationltv@sci.ngo

website: sci.ngo