intergenerational workcamp

Action for Peace #59

What happened?

With the intergenerational workcamp, we would like to gather volunteers from different generations.

We have contacted volunteers from France who have been active within SCI during their whole adulthood. They have agreed to join our workcamp and we hope to find international volunteer to complete the team. International volunteers are likely to be younger than the one who already accepted to join and this is what we are expecting!

Nowadays, we are facing a generation clash, but we believe that, just as other form of conflict, it is based on prejudices and stereotypes. Therefore, the project aims to gather volunteers from different ages so they can exchange about their own experience and share their own perspective about involvement and volunteering

We expect to contribute to uniting different volunteer generations given we have been and still are working towards the same goal. We believe that the younger generations can learn from their elders and vice-versa.

This workcamp will take place between Lille and Paris the same location where SCI France’s annual general assembly will be organized the following days. The Peace Caravan, another SCI France’s workcamp and Action for Peace will end there as well. All participants will be invited to this general assembly in order to celebrate this very special 100th anniversary all together.



July, 2021 (to be cofirmed)


Autrêches, France


SCI France



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