SCI’s Origin, 1st workcamp of our history


Same place, different work 100 years later

Action for Peace #60

What happened?

100 years ago, Pierre Ceresole invited people from different countries to come to Esnes-en-Argonne in order to rebuild houses that had been destroyed during the WW1. This was the very first workcamp of what would become Service Civil International!

Nowadays, in commemoration of SCI’s origin we are running a project in the same village as Pierre Ceresole did 100 years ago.

The work will be different, anyway, the camp will be focusing on SCI and peace promotion history. It will be an opportunity to discover and integrate our values in order to spread them after the camp.

SCI France wanted to commemorate the international movement origin. Therefore, we decided to organize a replicate of the very first workcamp that launched Service Civil International and then “100 years of history” workcamp was planned.



July 2021 (exact dates will be communicated soon)


Esnes-en-Argonne, France


SCI France



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