Peace Caravan


Action for Peace #16

What is it about?

Statement by SCI France:
Since March 2020, SCI’s branches have regularly consulted each other and continue to do so in order to monitor COVID’s evolution on the international level.

We are therefore very attentive to issues such as border openings, impact on transport and health measures.
In this sense and with the desire to make centenary’s events moments of celebration, we think it would be wiser to postpone our Peace Caravan to July 2021.
We hope you understand and will be ready to carry out this project with us next year!

With the Peace Caravan we would like to link workcamps, which are the historical action of SCI, to an Action for Peace through an itinerant project: 10 days in France, 8 volunteers from all around the world, and 4 short actions. Volunteers will have the possibility to travel together on the roads of France, stopping by our local partners and activists to help them on short tasks or participate to a workshop, spending no more than 3 days at the same location. During this itinerant workcamp, volunteers will experience several ways of transportation and accommodation and have the opportunity to discover french regional cultures. The idea is to experience diversity and spread peace, sharing and embracing our differences. We aim to do this by gathering volunteers from various countries but also by giving these volunteers the chance to meet much more people than we usually do in a single workcamp ; and offering a range of various activities, as the volunteers will take part in different actions at each location.



practical information

The Peace Caravan is an Action for Peace as well as an SCI France workcamp, brought up to you for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the movement. As such, everybody from at least 18 years old can participate by applying for it on the OPS.
The Peace Caravan will departure from somewhere in France and ends in big tantum. Indeed, another workcamp part of the french branch’s Actions for Peace will end at the same time and volunteers from both these projects will gather at the SCI France Annual Assembly to celebrate together this very special anniversary.

Date: July, 2021

Location: On the roads of France

Implementing Branch: SCI France (website)

How to join: the workcamp will be posted on the OPS