the environment explained: listen, reflect, discuss

Action for Peace #30

What happened?

? SCI Switzerland wanted to organise a series of webinars to deepen different perspectives and points of view on the bigger topic that is the environment.

? They believe that there cannot be Peace without Climate and Environmental Justice and it is important to understand how we can contribute to promote a better attitude towards nature and the environment.

The series of webinars “The Environment Explained” were quite successful. Around 30 people participated in every meeting and the conversation and exchange was quite active.

The idea of the webinars was discussing different topics that would offer to the participants more information about environmental issues.

The interventions given by the specialists offered a variety of inputs for reflection, starting on zoonotic viruses and the interaction between humans and wildlife, jumping to the function of biodiversity and the basics of permaculture, landing to the effects of climate change and veganism.

The webinars were organised with the idea of promoting climate justice and peace by spreading information and starting a conversation.



14th – 28th January, 2021




SCI Switzerland