Words by the campfire

 A series of videos on the history of SCI

Words by the campfire…

As the year 2021 nears the end we have completed a #100ActionsforPeace campaign to celebrate the long and rich history of SCI! But how exactly did SCI became the global organization we know today? 

We proudly present a series of videos called “Words by the Campfire” presenting the history of our organisation from the start until now. 

The first video presents the very origins of SCI, when was founded and who initiated this peace network. The second video celebrates the rich and long history of SCI movement and documents, its changes and development throughout the 100 years of SCI’s work.

What’s the story of the first ever volunteering workcamp? What were the challenges and obstacles of the volunteers 100 years ago?

 In the third instalment of “Words by the Campfire” we will learn more about its impact and the amazing volunteering activities that followed.

In the first videos we have told a story of how SCI was created, shaped and developed throughout the years of its activities. We have finally arrived in the present! The final part of our “Words by the Campfire” series explains the current influence of SCI on life of volunteers and its global scope.

Narrators: Heinz Gabathuler, Chantal Doran 

Producers: Uma Janssens, Paula Rafols, Chantal Doran

Testimonials: Namil Nizam, Stefania Pizzolla, Sooriya Bandara, Pat Barker, Paolo Pagano