“La rose des genres”


Action for Peace #22

What happened?

SCI France invited people to participate in a day of exchange and training, through the methodology of non formal education, on the theme of gender. The aim of the day was to be able to share and experiment with educational tools developed by the International Civil Service on genders.

During the workshops, interactive methodologies were used to promote the active participation of participants and to stimulate the horizontal exchange of skills and knowledge. Different techniques were used to include the various ways and processes of learning and to value each other’s knowledge. In this context, team building activities, simulation, debate, theater techniques, work in large and small groups were offered.

During the day, they used the educational tools of the “Free to be You and Me” toolkit created by the Gender Blenders Working Group of the Service Civil International.

They were happy to welcome people from various backgrounds and locations to this journey on the theme of gender.

They took a time that we think is important to present themselves, establish a safe space, and to present what the day was going to be about. Afterwards, they questioned themselves, among other things, on stereotypes and prejudices.

After a great homemade lunch, they went back to use brain cells and actively participated in multiple workshops using different tools of interactive methodologies.

They slowly got deeper in the subject, always trying to question what they thought they know and to peacefully debate on ideas.

The day was finished with an evaluation of the whole event, and they  were encouraged by the positive feedbacks of the participants to organize more similar workshops in the future, so stay in tune!

This day was only possible thanks to the hard work and caring of Camille (volunteer coordinating events and at SCI France) and Bruna (intern at SCI France and Italy and working on non formal education).



18th February, 2020 (9.30 – 18h)


Lille, France


SCI France


    • sci@sci-france.org


Banners "La rose des genres" in Lille, France, 2020
Dancing during "La rose des genres" in Lille, France, 2020