Decolonize! – On the traces of colonialism

Action for Peace #89

What happened?

For the sake of remembering colonialism and creating visibility for contemporary traces of colonialism, about 15 people from seven countries of the African and European continent gathered in an online workcamp and discussed racism today and colonialism then.

The camp aimed to cast a light on more obvious as well as less obvious marks that were left in our surroundings by colonist actions. Volunteers of the workcamp were gaining a new personal or local access to the topic of colonialism by exploring their own cities and neighbourhoods in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Germany.

The outcomes were surprising and are well fitted for raising awareness on the continuities of colonialism in society, economy and politics up to the present day. All research objects were collected and can be found in a digital gallery that the participants created together.

Within the two week workcamp the volunteers found more and more interconnections between pre-colonial history to colonialism and post colonialism which led them to discussions and exchange about resistance movements, racism nowadays and white privileges.

Hearing the stories and experiences of the other volunteers from the same or another country was very enriching and empowering. The project shows well how collective remembrance and critical debate is a huge contribution to worldwide peace work.



26th October – 06th November, 2020




SCI Germany