Action for Peace #49

What happened?

SCI Catalunya along with other branches is part of the project Challenging Propaganda through Remembrance– which will promote the Remembrance Week .

This time will be devoted to working around the topics of historical memory, and discovering historical places of Catalunya that should be marked as places of historical value and interest.

The project will involve participants into reflecting on the topics of peace, antifascism, common memory- justice-reparation.

The project Challenging Propaganda through Remembrance with its part of Remembrance Weeks in different countries will involve participants into becoming Remembrance Messengers. The activists will be able to relate current events with the past events in order to identify the mechanisms of propaganda on the examples of the II WW and  nowadays.

There will be a focus on grassroots media and peace organisations and other ways to challenge propaganda with the use of innovative communication methods and tools. The Remembrance Week will bring the reflection of the past, thus it will cast a light on the present events and mechanism of enforcing the concept of “enemy” and propaganda in different societies back in a day and now.



2021: postponed, more information coming soon


Catalunya, Spain


SCI Catalunya




Remembrance poster
Remembrance poster