Folk Songs for Peace

Action for Peace #93

What happened?

Let’s celebrate cultural diversity through music!

Every culture in the world has its own distinctive traditional singing style. Songs are a natural part of society and human life. In this virtual event, the aim was to gather folk songs from different countries and cultures on a peaceful topic like love or admiring nature and should not promote violence of any kind, including hunting. It can be an old folk song or a new one (including your own). Through music, we wanted to discover and celebrate cultural diversity. 

Svetlana Egorova: “It was an honor to me to be a part of the 100 Actions for Peace project. It was a good experience. I have learned a lot from it”.

Congratulations to Svetlana for organizing this beautiful action and for taking the initiative to promote that collective singing of peace songs can empower and inspire people so that they feel that together they can promote and maintain peace.

The Directorate of Education, Culture and Youth from Berat Municipality, Albania contributed in this initiative with a beautiful song which promotes the culture of Berat city through music and traditional clothes. Enjoy the video! 



10th October, 2021




Svetlana Egorova