SCI Catalunya and the Spanish Civil War

Action for Peace #47

What happened?

A group of volunteers from SCI Catalunya started preparing an interactive map of places associated with SCI Catalunya and the Spanish Civil War.

The interactive map is a set of places with photos and short description of historical events.

There are plans to visit the places live by following the map.

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As SCI is marking its 100 years, SCI Catalunya which is 36 years old wanted to bring the memory of the places which played an important role during SCI activity and the Spanish Civil War.

Along the route there are building and places that witnessed the history of these times, for example shelters for children. Yet, many of the buildings have been destroyed but are recorded as places of historical and regional importance and should not be forgotten. Therefore, the interactive map provides access to everyone no matter where they come from as they can follow online the map.





Catalunya, Spain


SCI Catalunya




map screenshot
map screenshot