Grillfest “100 years of SCI”

Action for Peace #52

What is it about?

We are planning a “100 years of SCI” Grillfest on the 22nd of August. We will have a chance to finally meet with SCI activists and friends after all these months to celebrate 100 years of SCI. Furthermore, this year the 22nd of August 2020 corresponds to the approximate Earth Overshoot Day, which marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year.

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practical information

As a statement, given that we will be meeting on Earth Overshoot Day, we ask participants to bring vegan seasonal food only trying to produce as few waste as possible. This also means bringing washable cutlery, plates and glasses, avoiding any type of disposable items. We took this opportunity to promote the toolkit “A daily plate of peace and non-violence” to inspire people that might need a bit of inspiration to find recipes.
During this meeting we are planning to organise a social media action related to the topic of sustainability and climate justice to support the campaign #MoveTheDate. We will also discuss veganism and the role that companies play in environmental issues and how they should be held responsible.


When: 22nd of August, 2020

Where: Bern, Switzerland

Implemented by: SCI Switzerland


Contact email:

Grillfest poster - sunset in the background, siluhets of people around a campfire