Create a place of reconciliation in Rabštejn

Action for Peace #91

What happened?


The workcamp was organized in co-operation with the town of Ceska Kamenice (app. 5200 inhabitants). It is the only town in the Czech Republic located on the interface of three protected landscape areas. The nearest one is Czech Swiss National Park and it lies just on the outskirts of the town.

The centre of the city consists of a well-preserved urban heritage zone with a variety of cultural monuments. For these reasons, the city is a natural centre of tourism in the region. The workcamp will take place in the nearby valley where lay ruins of a former concentration camp Rabstejn.

The aim of the workcamp was to clean the area and create a dignified memorial of the history with the locals that lived through it. It contributed as a reminder of the unfortunate post-war events – relocation of the Sudeten Germans (today the monument is only remembering the victims of the war; however, the camp was also used during the relocation just after the war).

It also aimed to create a better touristic infrastructure in the valley. In this workcamp, you were actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Cities and Communities (UN SDG11).

Quotes from the volunteers: 

  • “I’ll remember the workcamp for a very long time, I would have stayed longer if I could.”
  • “I learned to speak with new people from many countries and I learned a lot about Czech-German history.”
  • “During this project I learned to actively listen to people, especially when we had the ceremony with the Sudeten Germans/ the witnesses. Injustice cannot be battled with injustice!”
  • “When we did the ceremony, we could feel how meaningful our work had been.”
  • “I had a fantastic time with my new friends.”
  • “I learned amazing values here that I will bring into my daily life.”





22nd August – 05th September, 2021


Rabstejn Valley, Czech Republic


INEX Association for Voluntary Activities (Czech Republic)