Get involved

Be part of the 100-year celebration

In what way can I get involved in 100 AfP?  

 There are two ways to get involved in the 100 Actions for Peace project: joining an Action for Peace or implementing one. We’d love for you to get involved either way.

Organize an action for peace:

A big thing is just a bunch of small things put together. A peace action here and there, makes 100 Actions for Peace at some point. Are you going to organize one?

The project is open to all SCI Branches, partner organizations and the wider IVS movement. If you are interested but you are not necessarily involved in any of the above, contact us anyway.
Whether you only have a concept idea, or a concrete plan for an action, propose it to us and let us know if or how we can assist.

Participate in an Action for Peace:

Joining an Action for Peace can be an enriching experience. You will meet all kinds of people, ideally have a  lot of fun, and most importantly, support a culture of peace. If you want to join an existing Action for Peace all you have to do is choose one that you like in the list below, see how you can participate, et voilà, you are part of the 100-year celebration of International Volunteering Service.

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