SCI GenderBlenders working group has recently initiated an online campaign #Unmasking COVID-19 with the aim to highlight different gendered realities during COVID-19.  “With this campaign, we wish to highlight the impact that COVID-19 had on society in relation to different gender realities“.

GenderBlenders believe that “there are various power structures that are deeply engraved into our mentality that eventually manifest through hate, violence and inequality”.

The campaign that is mainly organized in social media, focuses on five main topics:

  • LGBTIQ+ people during lockdown
  • Repression of Reproductive Rights
  • Care Work at Home and as a professional sector
  • Sex Workers
  • Rising of gender-based violence during lockdown

“With this campaign we want to show how the measures taken to tackle this pandemic and the health crisis situation that derives from it strengthen and highlight those structures already present in our society. We believe that focusing on this topic and in general promoting gender equality is of great importance for a peaceful society” – GenderBlenders wrote.

#Unmasking COVID-19 started on May 17th and will continue until June 1st, 2020. So far the part of the campaign is joined by SCI International, SCI Austria, SCI Germany, SCI Switzerland, GAIA Kosovo, CVS Bulgaria, and serveral other SCI branches, partners and contacts.

This campaign is part of a bigger SCI campaign 100 Actions for Peace.

If you would like to join or learn more about the campaign, contact Sara at