SCI Virtual Museum

discover the history of SCI through objects

Welcome to the Virtual Museum of SCI!

The Virtual Museum of SCI is an alternative to the (missing) physical museum that exhibits a rich content with a variety of collection of images, documents and objects from the past 100 years of SCI.

With visualization of SCI’s history and its enrichment, with a combination of informative and storytelling-like descriptions, the virtual museum is set to bring an exciting and entertaining, yet educative, online experience.

How to navigate through the museum?

 1. Please click on the three dots on the left of the page below and choose enter full screen option. Amazing! You just got your free SCI Museum ticket!

2. In order to go through the rooms you should follow the arrows (please click the arrows only when you see the hand icon).

3. On the top left you will always see a small home icon which will direct you to the main room.