Ligüiqui community: environmental protection

Action for Peace #34

What is it about?

The community of Ligüiqui is located in a small town of approximately 350 inhabitans, whose main activity used to be fishing but nowadays they live from tourism. This little town is located close to the natural reserve of Pacoche and a protected marine area; it is a very important place for archeology. Through our work in the reserve, we contribute to the community by doing conservation of the cloudy forest, which is the source of water for the population living downstream. This program is dedicated to true nature lovers who want to contribute to one of the biggest problems of our environment and society. Our main objective is the protection and conservation of two different ecosystems: the coast and the cloudy forest.



practical information

The workcamp will take place in Ligüiqui, close to the natural reserve of Pacoche and a protected marine area in Ecuador, from 3rd until 23rd of August 2020. Twelve (12) participants will be accepted.

Activities include cleaning of beaches and towns, raising environmental awareness through activities with the community. Cleaning paths in the forest, planting trees, doing maintenance work.

Read more about the workcamp here.


How to apply: see details

Date: 3rd until 23rd of August, 2020

Location: Ligüiqui- Manabí, Ecuador

Implemented by: Foundation Proyecto Ecológico Chiriboga