Celebrate 100 Years of Workcamps in Hlasnice

Action for Peace #32

What is it About?

The workcamp takes place in a small village of Hlasnice in the northern part of Moravia in cooperation with the local municipality. The village and its citizens try to revive public places for relaxing and leisure activities – the community center with playground and sports equipment, where they organize various community events. The aim of this workcamp is to help with preparation and organization of a traditional event dedicated to the local integrated rescue system presentations (e.g. firemen, police and ambulance) in the first week and during the second week to help with organization of this year’s special event, celebrating the 100 years of workcamps, including presentation of volunteering idea in local schools and also to the local mayors of neighboring villages.

In this workcamp, you are actively working for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of Sustainable Communities (UN SDG11).





Practical Information

You will help to get the community center area ready for a traditional cultural event dedicated to presentations of the local integrated rescue system units (e.g. firemen, police and ambulance), on Saturday, June 13th. The second week you will help to organize the special event Celebrating the 100 Years of Workcamps with presentation of volunteering and workcamps to invited local mayors from different villages and towns and also to a group of mayors from partner area in Poland. You will also help with presentations of volunteering opportunities to the students in local schools and in the Olomouc University. You will clean up the area afterwards, help with some maintenance tasks and help with cooking the international meals for invited guests at “The International Evening Party.” Depending on time available, you might also engage in presenting the hiking and cycling trails located north of the village. Bring working clothes, solid shoes and some fun ideas for activities with students.


How to apply: see details

Date: 7th until 21st of June, 2020

Location: Hlasnice, Czech Republic

Implementing Branch/Partener: INEX – Association for Voluntary Activities

Website:  inexsda.cz