Pine Ridge Reservation

Action for Peace #30

What is it About?

Are you interested in the Lakota culture, earthship building and permaculture? Then this workcamp in State of South Dakota, United States of America, is just what you are looking for.

This workcamp is in cooperation with Tiyospaye Winyan Maka (Lakota for Extended Family of Women of the Earth ), and OLCERI (Oglala Lakota Cultural & Economic Revitalization Initiative ), two Lakota Sioux nonprofits. Tiyospaye Winyan Maka, a small, grassroots non-profit from Colorado, has had a mission since its inception – “to promote energy, housing, education, and nutritional sovereignty for indigenous women and families”. OLCERI, based on the Pine Ridge Reservation, aims to open the path to creating a sustainable food supply, means of energy, clean water, and adequate shelter while enabling spiritual well-being and health of the Lakota community.
You would be assisting in the construction of a community center/school using Earthship technology. Experience in construction work, plumbing or electrical work will be very welcome, but not necessary.

Practical Information

Because of the isolated location, only limited electronic media may be available. A weekend trip will be provided to the Black Hills, a Lakota sacred area. There will be other groups working at the same time, including Water Protectors from the Dakota Pipeline Encampment, Engineers without Borders volunteers, and permaculture volunteers.
Due to the lack of funds in the community, there will be a participation fee of $100. This camp will be open to extended stays after the camp ending, if arranged with the sponsor.


How to apply: see details

Date: 22th of June until 10th of July, 2020

Location: State of South Dakota, United States of America

Implementing Branch/Partener: SCI USA